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Inner Archeology with Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone - Video Edition

Nov 30, 2022

Great things and growth happen at the end of your comfort zone… does that apply to relationships too?

In this episode of Inner Archeology, Sarah and Emily discuss the connection between trust, risk, uncertainty, and safety in relationships – including the role of expectations, the idea of self-trust, and how to approach failed relationships.

Key Points In Episode:

  • Have you heard of Emily’s Master Your Fate 90-day program? Learn more about it over at
  • Today’s episode is inspired by some of the relationship conversations Emily has been having with her cohort plus some inspiration she got from an Instagram profile: the intersection between trust and risk, safety and uncertainty in relationships.
  • The more trust we develop within ourselves, the more safety we create inside of us and the more capacity we have for risk and uncertainty that are needed to experience joy and beautiful things in life, says Emily. Do you agree?
  • For Sarah, healing comes from relationships. It isn’t just about having trust in yourself…when it comes to relationships, you eventually need to put trust in someone else – hoping they will treat you with respect.
  • What comes to your mind when thinking about self-trust? Do you think it’s about developing trust in yourself by keeping the promises you made? Is it about rooting your identity within yourself instead of on external things? (For Emily, it’s the latter).
  • We often think of failed relationships as failures… but, actually, they can be great sources of self-trust, confidence and self-worth. #PersonalDevelopment
  • Do you know how we experience growth at the end of our comfort zone? The same can be said for relationships: if you want meaningful and deep relationships, you need to accept a level of risk and discomfort.
  • Sarah shares a story that brings the role of expectations in a relationship into the picture.
  • Both Sarah and Emily think that the way you see whether someone really cares is how they show up, especially in repair. What’s your take?
  • Are you replaying toxic relationships over and over again? Chances are that you have normalized harmful and toxic behavior and have mistaken it for safety. Recognizing this was huge for Sarah.


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