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Wealth Strategy Secrets of the Ultra Wealthy Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

Today, we had the privilege of hosting Kevin DeMeritt, an internationally renowned expert in business and economics, specializing in financial markets and interest rate changes. Kevin's keen insights and strategic foresight have consistently driven value for both his clients and the companies he's been involved with throughout his illustrious career.

Kevin began his international banking career at WFI Corporation, where he laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge and expertise. Utilizing his analysis indicating gold as a safe haven for investment, he founded Lear Capital in 1997, which has since grown to become one of the nation's largest precious metals companies. 

In this conversation, Kevin shared valuable insights into navigating financial markets, managing funds, and leveraging precious metals as a strategic investment. You will gain invaluable knowledge about economic trends and the importance of being proactive in the ever-changing financial landscape. 

His perspective on economic trends and the interplay of geopolitical events provided a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape that will give you actionable insights to optimize your wealth management endeavors. 

Stay until the end of the episode for Kevin’s special announcement to kickstart your journey on precious metals investing!

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Insights on financial markets and their intricacies

  2. His personal investment thesis that proves effective in this current market trends

  3. The interplay of geopolitical events and financial cycles

  4. The importance of knowledge and information in precious metals investing

  5. The step by step process in strategically investing in Gold


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