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The Optimistic American - Audio Edition

Nov 15, 2023

In this episode of The Optimistic American, we explore the intricate layers of national security, fiscal responsibility, and intellectual freedom. Paul Johnson hosts former Air Force pilot, influential advocate, and congressman, Chris Stewart as he helps us navigate through complex geopolitical realities, the pressing issues of mental health, and the often-underestimated importance of balanced budgets.


We will be covering the following points in this episode:

National Security: We deep-dive into the state of our military and the challenges we face in homeland protection. We assess Washington's role in fortifying our armed forces, ensuring readiness against global threats.

Balanced Budgets: Addressing fiscal responsibility, we discuss the necessity of balanced budgets. We explore the implications of budget deficits and debt, drawing on Stewart's experience in the congressional appropriations committee.

The 'Deep State': Shining light on the shadowy corners of the intelligence community, we confront allegations concerning the 'Deep State.' The conversation uncovers Stewart's perspective on congressional oversight and democratic accountability.

Edward Snowden and Intelligence Disclosure: Discussing the ongoing debate on intelligence disclosures, we reflect on the actions of Edward Snowden. We examine the balance between protection of privacy rights and national security.

Mental Health: Shifting the attention to mental well-being, we explore Stewart's involvement in establishing the National Suicide Prevention hotline. We discuss how best to support individuals struggling with depression and underscore the interplay between mental health and overall community resilience.

Challenges We Face: With references drawn from Stewart's book "The Final Fight for Freedom," we delve into democracy's survival concerns. In light of the challenges, we brainstorm solutions to bridge the political divide for a united America. Find his book on Amazon: 

Future of the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association: We conclude with a teaser into the exciting plans ahead for the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association and Stewart's new venture, Skyline Capital, co-founded with Robert O'Brien, a former national security adviser. Learn more about the Utah Aerospace and Defence Association at Visit Skyline Capital's website,


We hope you enjoy this episode of The Optimistic American Podcast and understand the important role you play in shaping a brighter future for America. Join us in our unwavering belief in the American dream. Together, let’s rekindle the American Spirit. Visit our website to learn more,