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The Optimistic American - Audio Edition

Nov 19, 2023

In this episode of The Optimistic American we look at how intellectual curiosity thrives, and the spirit of American patriotism comes alive. 

This probing episode peels through the layers of complex dialogues surrounding the current status of the US economy and Partisanship. We unfold the dilemmas of free speech within academic institutions, the realties faced by Jewish students, and how Western civilization impacts world history.

  • Academic Discourse and Free Speech: We navigate through the heated landscape of academia, as ideas, perspectives, and the principles encompassing free speech tangle with the reality of individual comfort.
  • In Conversation with Former Governor Doug Ducey: we guide through his observations on ensuing global events, scrutinized through the American lens.
  • Dive into the Economy with Elliot Pollack: Decipher the complexities of our economy with expert economist, Elliot Pollack. Understand balanced budgets, budget deficits, and their peculiar interplay with our economy.
  • Partisanship and Tribalism: With Dr. Emily Bashah, explore the divisive trenches of partisanship and tribalism that underline societal divides, and how to overcome these challenges to unite in the spirit of American unity.

Remember, it takes our collective curiosity and unquestionable pride in our nation to help decipher these issues. We shape the future of America when we engage, discuss, and inspire others. Your participation powers this conversation beyond the screen and into our reality. Join us in shaping this discourse, thank you for being a part of The Optimistic American journey. Please comment, share, and participate in the Optimistic American community. Let's rekindle the American spirit, together.

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