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Inner Archeology with Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone - Video Edition

Aug 17, 2022

Planning an event, whether in-person or virtual, is difficult. Period!

But the magic that can come from an in-person event can be mind blowing and transformational.

Emily and Sarah share how a room full of introverts can come together, feel connected,  supported and heard in a powerful way. They share the behind-the-scenes strategies they used to create this energy, and yes, even how attendees moved past that 'awkward' getting to know everyone phase.

They share the beauty of learning from unexpected people and places, and the powerful stories they heard.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to host a successful and engaged in-person event: tips and best practices.
  • How to get introverted business owners and entrepreneurs to become fast friends without feeling weird.
  • How the podcast made it easier to meet and connect.
  • The true magic of vulnerability and the stories that are told can be everlasting.
  • What surprised them the most from putting on this event.
  • What defines a successful event (it's not what you may think).
  • Sarah reveals how she and Emily shared a powerful poem that resonated with everyone in the audience and drove engagement through the roof.
  • The beauty of learning from unexpected people, places and situations. Open yourself up to receiving wisdom anywhere!
  • The belief that anything is possible is infectious during events. You truly can do whatever the 'F' you want!
  • The fear of success.
  • The true power of events and how the power of impact and belief is infectious.
  • How Sarah went from failing the oral portion of college to speaking in front of a room of 70!
  • Self-trust and growing as a person.
  • Reality check: hosting an event is not about making money. It's about building a community and providing value to those who believe in your skills and abilities.
  • Creating an event that feels like a safe place, like a living room of friends hanging out.
  • The craziness that went on behind the scenes!
  • Sarah shares the powerful moment the whole room exploded with excitement when she announced her pregnancy. Sooo goood!!!


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