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Inner Archeology with Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone - Video Edition

Dec 21, 2022

Do the maladaptive coping mechanisms you developed in childhood have to define you into adulthood, or can you break free from these patterns and beliefs to achieve personal growth?

In this episode of Inner Archeology, Sarah and Emily talk about the after-effects of challenging childhood dynamics, generational differences among parents, and how you can foster emotional intelligence and be a bridge between generations.

Key Points In Episode:

  • Inner Archeology has been going for almost a year now, woo-hoo!
  • The topic of today’s episode has been coming up a lot in conversations Emily has been having lately – and it’s something that applies pretty much across the board.
  • And it’s that most of us didn’t have an emotionally healthy upbringing. At that time, we didn’t have the skills nor understanding, while our parents’ generation lacked the awareness, skills and tools.
  • Sarah points out that the fact that very few of us were raised in healthy homes means that we’re collectively shifting toward strengthening emotional intelligence and awareness. Do you agree?
  • Our generation serves as the bridge because it experienced that childhood and is now focused on creating a different environment for our children. #WeTheHealingBridge
  • Speaking of generations, there’s also a resentment toward our generation, an inability to accept the fact that our generation acknowledges that some childhood things weren’t healthy.
  • True, the older generation may have 50-60 years of coping with things a certain way, but when they’re open to embrace vulnerability and growth to achieve change - talk about personal growth…simply inspiring!
  • Some people may go through an identity crisis because they have attached their identity to manipulative coping mechanisms. #Facts
  • Sarah shares that whenever she’s able to identify psychological human behavior and tendencies, it’s easier for her to push back on them.
  • Sarah loves seeing Emily coach people and remind them that ‘Change doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. You can try on beliefs and new ways of doing things.’ #QuoteOfTheDay
  • Emily said it best: ‘The ones who are successful are the ones who experienced fear and resistance but they did things anyway.’
  • Confidence comes from taking action, says Sarah…agree or disagree?
  • Emily used to be someone who said ‘byeee!’ as soon as she felt as if she outgrew a friend, whereas Sarah feels she has a high tolerance for discomfort and uncomfortable conversations.


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