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Inner Archeology with Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone

Oct 12, 2022

Traveling… Some people put it off because it sounds expensive, others because “now isn’t a good time.” But is that really so?

We talk about all that in this episode of Inner Archeology (which is more of a journal of a traveling pregnant woman).

Sarah shares her stories of passing a country’s king by boat, experiencing complete silence in the Saraha desert, and being served a fancy dinner when all you want are… three boiled eggs.

Oh, and did we mention she went on adventures in Morocco and Norway as a pregnant woman? This is going to be a fun one!


Key Points In Episode:

  • Sarah just came back from a long trip. She and Ben found a cheap offer to fly from LAX to Stockholm, Sweden. From there, they headed to Norway…and what a trip up North it was!
  • Norway wasn’t a place Sarah was that interested in to start with but it has now become “one of the most gorgeous places I’ve been in my life” and that she feels should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list – to her, it felt like being in Lord of the Rings.
  • Ever heard of fjords? Sarah goes “all National Geographic” and talks about Norwegian fjords.
  • Did you know that Norway has a king? Sarah and Ben passed his boat while on a ferry (yep, they needed to take ferries… a bunch of them!)
  • If you’re into folklore, hobbits, and gnomes, Norway is a must!
  • Do you like the Northern Lights? Sarah got to see them – WOW!
  • Have you ever noticed, in some places, there’s a community aspect to something like the Northern Lights or sunsets? There, people gather to experience them together.
  • It’s not easy to explore Norway as a pregnant woman. #FACT
  • Do you know anyone who has actually barfed in a barf bag? We do! For more details, ask Emily…
  • Many people see traveling as an expensive thing but it really doesn’t have to be.
  • Want to know the craziest thing about the Sahara desert? It isn’t how hot or big it is but it’s how silent it is.
  • While in the Sahara desert, Sarah got to experience a silence in which she could hear her own heartbeat, hear breathing…everything.
  • Sarah shares the story of her adventures in Morocco, including driving through sand dunes, going sunset watching on the back of a camel, and one of the most magical experiences of her life.


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